Kisumu Airport

Kisumu Airport Departure Lounge
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Arriving at Kisumu airport is a unique experience. It is a pleasure to walk down the stairs, off the plane, and be caressed by the soft, warm air and the carmine-red flowers of the flamboyant trees shout their brilliant welcome. You walk out of the gate and you look around for the arrival hall. There isn't one, or rather, it is right there. It is the roadside outside the gate.

Everybody gathers on the street and the narrow sidewalk, and relatives and friends greet each other in a noisy mixture of color and race. Kenyans, in different hues according to their tribes, make their way through light brown Indians, and they all make us Europeans look very white indeed.

One by one, the luggage trolleys come rolling out of the gate and everyone tries to get hold of their bags and suitcases at the same time. Taxi drivers urge passengers for business, grabbing their luggage before they can refuse, and private drivers push their big, four-wheel drives through the crowd to pick up their Important Person.

It is a splendid arrival hall with the whole of the blue sky as a roof. I have never had the pleasure of arriving in the pouring rains that come down quite often in the late afternoon, but it seems that Kenya Airways does provide a couple of umbrellas!