Lord of the manor

Inside the 'hovel'

A bunch of gnomes in a meeting

Constance,Samburu Lekule, tomcat Florian

Happy children

Chief cook and assistants

Paradise Lost

Cosy bedroom outside

The cosy bedroom

Paradise Recreated

Stem roses in the semi-desert

The one tree they had left standing

And then there were two

Papaya tree with 60 fruits

Cuckoo on the Equator

Kit, the special kitten grown up

Lake Victoria, acrylic on board.

By Constance van Dongen Eykman
Flying horse. Watercolor, pastel crayon.

By Constance van Dongen Eykman

Royal Rooster

'I hate you!' I told the guests

Musical family

The chicken pen


Toddler Lord Krishna

We, too, are the toddlers of the universe