Royal Rooster

We were all occupied with our peaceful afternoon business, one day, including King Rooster and his harem. Under his watchful eye, the hens had wandered off down the slope, scratching and pecking the soil.

The chicken pen

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Suddenly the afternoon quiet was torn apart by the rooster screeching at the top of his voice. We all stopped dead in our tracks and listened. As I rushed out of the house, followed by my two ladies, the gardeners were storming down the hill. Even the mechanics had dropped their tools and came running.

We did not see the chickens anywhere but, in a fury larger than life, the rooster was running up and down along the hedge. He had chased his hens underneath for cover, and flapping his mighty wings and yelling at the top of his voice, he was holding off two huge birds of prey circling over his head! The gardeners came to his rescue and, with shouts and stones, they chased away the birds, which flew off under loud protest.

The slope towards the river

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We were all speechless with admiration. This animal had taken on two enemies, each one much bigger than he, himself. They could easily have torn him to pieces with their terrible beaks and claws, but, in order to protect his wives, he had overcome his instinct of self-preservation. Armed with nothing but his willpower and his courage, he had held the two enemies high in the sky.

Finally, gardener Jonathan proudly said, "A real African man!"

We women giggled.